Founding Story

Hey there!

In middle school and high school, we always loved doing various fundraisers like bake sales, magazine sales, pizza sales, and spirit days. However, we saw the inconvenience our parents and teachers went through mailing catalogues and checks, dealing with products they weren’t necessarily interested in, and working hard on fundraisers that sometimes only raised $100.

We founded Bake Sale in 2020 to help organizations fundraise more money with less time and effort, with products that families are actually excited to buy.

We hope to have the chance to work with your organization or brand!

-Ani and Riley


We're starting to scale our team. Email us at if you're interested in joining!

Ani Kunaparaju

Co-Founder // San Francisco, CA

Experience: Engineering @ Meraki, a cloud-based networking & security company // Founding Team, Business Development & Engineering at Polymail, an email-productivity start-up // Founding Team, Product & Engineering at Tivamo

Favorite Childhood Fundraiser: Selling poinsettias

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Riley Soward

Co-Founder // San Francisco

Experience: Product team @ Nuro, a self-driving car company that's raised over $1.5B // Co-founded Campus Insights, a user research firm that which was acquired in 2018.

Favorite Childhood Fundraiser: Probably selling magazines at Egan Junior High since I sold enough to get the "limo lunch" prize!

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