Bake Sale Partners

You get new customers. Organizations raise money. Everyone wins.

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How it Works

Acquire customers through fundraisers with organizations.

Set Up in One Click

Send us an affiliate link or add us on your affiliate platform, such as Impact, Rakuten, CJ, ShareASale, and others.

Get Added to Fundraisers

Your brand will be added to fundraisers focused on your target demographics.

Get Customers

Most brands start getting customers within 10 days of joining our platform.

Why Use Bake Sale?

🤝 Aligned Incentives

You only pay when you get a sale or new customer.

🎯 Targeted Geos and Demos

Have certain zip codes or age ranges you want to target? We have you covered.

😇 Happy Campers

Students and nonprofit volunteers are excited to promote your product and raise money for their cause.

What Types of Companies Use Bake Sale?

Bake Sale is ideal for companies targeting families.

🧘‍♀️📦 Subscriptions

Grocery & restaurant delivery, SAT tutoring, fitness classes, virtual daycare, and others.

🍪💄 Consumables

Snacks, tea & coffee, cosmetics, home essentials, shaving kits, and more

👠👓 Fashion

Athleisure, trending teen brands, business attire, and more.

🎨✈️ And More!

We're always excited to try out campaigns with new types of companies!


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